Humans in Bayreuth (22-5-2018)


“I want to become a professional concept artist for movies or video games. The concept artists design the characters and the whole worlds in computer games, cartoons and movies. I am studying a book about the human anatomy. I bought the book to lean about it so I can transfer it to illustrations” Bayreuth, Germany, 22-05-2018


Humans in Bayreuth (6-5-2018)


“We met 3-4 months ago randomly in a charity event. Then we understood that there was a connection between us from the beginning. It was clear that there will be more than a friendship. Then we were speaking only online from time to time. Now it is the first time we meet in person again. I forget the time when we are together and only think about her. I was attracted to girls before but I was only having relationships with boys. I had experiences with girls but this is the first time I had sex with another girl”. Bayreuth, Germany, 6-5-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (5-5-2018)


“We are dressed this way because we are going to a Bavarian Beer festival in a brewery. These dresses are traditionally Bavarian and we are wearing them in festivals, wedding and during the Oktoberfest”, Bayreuth, Germany, 5-5-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (21-04-2018)


“I am studying Philosophy and Economics. I find people and their motivations interesting and I want to understand more about their actions. In my studies breaks I am working in a bar. There, I find always interesting hearing the customers’ stories. Many people need to be heard”, Bayreuth, Germany, 21-04-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (21-04-2018)


“We are dressed this way because we were in a historic association event called “Residence Tage” (German: meaning Residence Day). It was for a celebration of the re- opening of the old opera house. We are from an association called Gräflich Schönburgische Schloßcompagnie in Glauchau, Saxony”, Bayreuth, Germany, 21-04-2018

Humans in Munich (13-04-2018)


“I am half Greek- half German (left) and she is half Greek – half French (right). We met more than 10 years ago in the Greek school in Munich. We are studying to become school teachers. Although, we were born and grow up in Germany, we are proud to be Greek and visit frequently Greece to see our grandparents, family and friends” Munich, Germany, 13-04-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (15-10-2017)


Books: “I am reading a book called “Peace food” and it is about a way of life for vegetarians and vegans and how eating too much meat make people sick and also make animals suffering”, Bayreuth, Germany, 15-10-2017

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