Humans in Bayreuth (7-7-2018)


“I had a car accident a year ago. Before the accident, I wasn’t thinking walking is important, and now I just want to stand and walk away. You should appreciate the moment and your health, because you never know what is going to happen”, Bayreuth, Germany, 7-7-2018


Humans in Bayreuth (17-6-2018)


“Dancing is our hobby. We are dancing together for 10 years. Now, we are posing for a photography course at the Art Museum in Bayreuth”,  Bayreuth, Germany, 17-06-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (17-6-2018)


“We are from Bayreuth. We are not a group, we are just friends who meet and play music once a week. Sometimes we are playing the ‘Real Book’ which is a prominent collection of songs”, Bayreuth, Germany, 17-06-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (27-5-2018)


“We are doing Aerial Silk in the university sports centre and we met today to practise outside in a nice environment. It is a sport for the whole body. It is tough and elegant the same time”, Bayreuth, 27-05-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (22-5-2018)


“I want to become a professional concept artist for movies or video games. The concept artists design the characters and the whole worlds in computer games, cartoons and movies. I am studying a book about the human anatomy. I bought the book to lean about it so I can transfer it to illustrations” Bayreuth, Germany, 22-05-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (6-5-2018)


“We met 3-4 months ago randomly in a charity event. Then we understood that there was a connection between us from the beginning. It was clear that there will be more than a friendship. Then we were speaking only online from time to time. Now it is the first time we meet in person again. I forget the time when we are together and only think about her. I was attracted to girls before but I was only having relationships with boys. I had experiences with girls but this is the first time I had sex with another girl”. Bayreuth, Germany, 6-5-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (5-5-2018)


“We are dressed this way because we are going to a Bavarian Beer festival in a brewery. These dresses are traditionally Bavarian and we are wearing them in festivals, wedding and during the Oktoberfest”, Bayreuth, Germany, 5-5-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (21-04-2018)


“I am studying Philosophy and Economics. I find people and their motivations interesting and I want to understand more about their actions. In my studies breaks I am working in a bar. There, I find always interesting hearing the customers’ stories. Many people need to be heard”, Bayreuth, Germany, 21-04-2018

Humans in Bayreuth (21-04-2018)


“We are dressed this way because we were in a historic association event called “Residence Tage” (German: meaning Residence Day). It was for a celebration of the re- opening of the old opera house. We are from an association called Gräflich Schönburgische Schloßcompagnie in Glauchau, Saxony”, Bayreuth, Germany, 21-04-2018

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